How to install NetHunter on Any Android Phone (Nexus 6p) 2021

Complete instructions on how to install kali nethunter on any android device updated for 2021!

Search Packages in Common Package Managers Kali Tips #8

This one a little different but something I've found immensely useful that you don't read about much. Anyone who has used Kali knows of aptitude. Apt-get is one of the first commands you'll learn for the terminal. Being able to search the packages available in common package managers (like aptitude) is crazy useful! Here are … Continue reading Search Packages in Common Package Managers Kali Tips #8

Code Editor Kali Tips #4

Short and sweet! Kali Linux Large doesn't include its normal default code editor I guess anymore! You can install the default one I like with the command: apt-get install bluefish That's it! Now just type bluefish into terminal to open it up! Enjoy! Read all the entries in this series! Reinstall Grub Bootloader on a … Continue reading Code Editor Kali Tips #4

Add Message to Terminal Kali Tips #3

One of the many regulation requirements and something that just tickles my fancy is adding a banner when you're logging into a system. In this case, I just like to see a message when I open a new terminal. This is a super simple process and very similar to the previous Kali Tips, link HERE. … Continue reading Add Message to Terminal Kali Tips #3

Automatically Log Terminal Kali Tips #2

Documentation is key in every penetration test! You end up doing a lot of random stuff when you're performing a test and it can be very tough or annoying to retrace your steps. That is why for years now I have automatically logged my terminal every time I open it! To do this too on … Continue reading Automatically Log Terminal Kali Tips #2