How to install NetHunter on Any Android Phone (Nexus 6p) 2021

Here are the instructions from beginning to end to install Custom Recovery, Root and Kali NetHunter on a Nexus 6p. These instructions should work for any Android that is completely unlocked.

Don’t hate me but I did this on Windows, however it is just as easily possible on Kali.

Feel reach to comment on here, or reach out on IG/Twitter if you have trouble/questions.

With that out of the way, let’s jump into it.


First boot for Nexus 6p, boot into OS, go to Settings/SystemInfo

click on kernel tab 5 times to become developer

Go to Settings/Developer Options

Enable USB-Debugging

Enable OEM Unlock

Shut down phone

Reboot into Bootloader

cd X:SoftwareAndroidSDKplatform-tools

.fastboot.exe oem unlock

.fastboot.exe reboot

Download Newest Android version on computer(Nexus 6p is Android 7.1.1 as of this tutorial) Link HERE

unzip and copy to /platform-tools/
Copy radio-angler-angler-xx.xx.img to /platform-tools/ as well

Unzip and copy android-info.txt , boot.img , , cache.img , radio-angler-angler-xx.xx.img , system.img , vendor.img , recovery.img to /platform-tools/

Navigate to where AndroidSDK is installed: cd X:SoftwareAndroidSDK

cd platform-tools

.fastboot.exe devices

.fastboot.exe flash bootloader C:anglerimagesbootloader-angler-angler-xx.xx.img

.fastboot.exe reboot-bootloader

.fastboot.exe flash radio C:anglerimagesradio-angler-angler-xx.xx.img

.fastboot.exe reboot-bootloader

.fastboot.exe flash boot C:anglerimagesboot.img

.fastboot.exe erase cache

.fastboot.exe flash cache C:anglerimagescache.img

.fastboot.exe flash recovery C:anglerimagesrecovery.img

.fastboot.exe flash system C:anglerimagessystem.img

.fastboot.exe flash vendor C:anglerimagesvendor.img

.fasboot.exe flash recovery twrp.img

Now put the phone in recovery mode (At bootloader hit up a few times until RECOVERY then hit power button)

.adb.exe format userdata

.adb.exe push /sdcard/Download/

.adb.exe shell

cd sdcard/Download/

ls –to confirm is there

Now in TWRP go to INSTALL > SELECT SuperSU and swipe to install SuperSu

Reboot to System Become developer if needed, make sure SuperSU is an application installed, and turn on USB debugging as well as confirm OEM unlock is there

Download on computer AND

Reboot into recovery

.adb.exe push sdcard

.adb.exe push sdcard


Hit INSTALL > Select
Then hit add another zip


Swipe to install

Reboot into system

Open Nethuner App and add nethuner metapackage/confirm installation


Yes, it’s that easy 🙂




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