So here are some links I’ve found mentioning GainSec or myself.

Note: I’m actively searching for the News Segment video I was in while I was at Leet Cyber Security, if you have a recording please send it my way!

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Multiple Links relating to my first two CVEs I discovered, CVE-2017-16744 and CVE-2017-16748 – US-CERT AdvisorySecurityFocusNIST 1NIST 2VulDB 1VulDB 2 Blog Post 

Post I made via my previous day Job about my CVEs – Link

Albany NY Magazine Article – Link

Archive of New Segment I was in during my time at Leet (Looking for the video that went along with this segment!!) – Preview LinkFull Article (Minus the Video)

Alumni Story from Herkimer Community College (HCC) – Link

Full spread from Herkimer Alumni Connections Magazine – MirrorLink

Featured under the Cyber Security Degree Listing of HCC – Link

Quoted and mentioned on the SUNY Online Cyber Security Program Listing – Link

Archive of IronGeek Links from ANYCon – Link

Interview with Security Weekly – LinkGainSec Reupload

Lecture posted on – Link –  GainSec Reupload

Lecture from ANYCon posted by Leet Cyber Security – LinkLink 2GainSec Reupload 

Lecture From CyBEER posted by Leet Cyber Security – LinkGainSec Reupload

Link-Base Listings – Link

STOK – YouTube – GainSec GoldenNuggets Shoutout – Link

InfoSec Pat – YouTube – Nerd Talk week 10 – Link

InfoSec Pat – YouTube – Nerd Talk week 12 – Link

Swiping Sunday Podcast – Featuring GainSec – Link

Execs Need Less Talk, More Action on Software Security – Link

Spoofing Bug Highlights Cybersecurity for Digital Vaccine Passports – MirrorLink

NTFS Support in new Linux kernel promises to make new release more cryptographically sound – Link

Report highlights cybersecurity dangers of Elastic Stack implementation mistakes  –MirrorMirror Mirror MirrorLink

Widespread Elastic stack API security vulnerability – Link

Easily exploited Elastic Stack API security flaw exposes data – Link 

‘Trojan Source’ a Threat to All Source Code, Languages – Link

Industry Reactions to New ‘Trojan Source’ Attack: Feedback Friday – Link

3 Ways to Deal With the Trojan Source Attack – Link

‘Trojan Source’ technique can inject malware into source code without detection – Link

‘Trojan Source’ Hides Invisible Bugs in Source Code – Link

Why VMware Horizon became a ‘top choice’ for Log4j attacks – Link MirrorMirror Mirror

Threat actors target MFA token via man-in-the-middle attacks – Link

Increasing Adoption of Phishing Kits Puts MFA at Risk – LinkMirror

How to Find a Data Leak in 50 Easy Steps (Blog post from my day job) – Link

Microsoft: Key Office apps will block macros by default – Link

Microsoft Blocks VBA Macros by Default, Temporarily Shuts Down MSIX Protocol – Link

Nearly 50% of all SaaS-to-SaaS integrations sit unused following a failed POC effort – Link

Messaging Apps That Are Secure: Signal vs.  WhatsApp – Link

Reddit Mentions – Link 1

12 Best Social Engineering Books of All Time – Link

Metasploit Payload Injection By using Raspberry Pico Pi – Link

#OSINT_2020-08-29_08-55-29.xlsx (experimental version) – Link

Article Published in IntelTechniques (Michael Bazzell) Unredacted Magazine (pg. 34) – Link

Lectured at DefCon Paris: Cheap ‘n’ Easy Phishing (That Actually Works) which covers how I compromised a trillion dollar organization via phishing for under $150 – LinkDefcon Paris Blog Link

Podcast #1 – Hacking Fortune 100 Companies For A Living With Jon Gaines – Link