About Me

I have close to a decade of professional experience in the offensive cyber security industry and have been hacking since my childhood. Over my career I have performed offensive engagements for many Fortune 10(0) organizations, government entities, public healthcare, school systems and start-ups, among others.

I have created multiple Open-Source tools available on GitHub and have twenty CVEs as of 08/2022.

Allow my work to speak for my drive, desire and ability to improve the security posture of your organization.

This site is meant to open your eyes and make you want to take control of your digital footprint and internet hygiene. It is also meant to help expose you to the trends, tools, techniques and more within the offensive security industry.

GainSec stands for Gain Security. So let’s explore this rabbit hole together!

All views, opinions and posts are my own.

You can find GainSec’s Github and all of GainSec social media below this (if on mobile) or to the right (if on desktop).

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You can also find my personal CV and a sample report HERE