About Me


By day I work as a Security Consultant for a cyber security firm. I perform web application and mobile application penetration tests and vulnerability assessments among other things. Our clients are medium to large organizations some of which are fortune 100 organizations. Prior to this role, I was also Security Consultant but for a small startup. There I performed everything relating to Offensive Cyber Security. This includes physical, web application, external and internal penetration tests. Phishing campaigns, vulnerability assessments and more. Our clients were state government, software development organizations and academia to list a few.

I have lectured a few times, been in a few articles and have performed an OSINT audit for a news segment.

Ever since my pre-teens I have been in love with cyber security even though that term wasn’t really thrown around then. Since then I have gotten associates degree and bachelors degree in Cyber Security and a Security+ Certification. I am also approaching 5 years working in the industry.

I created this site as an outlet for myself since my current position does not include as much external reconnaissance and OSINT as I’d like. Ideally I’d like to raise awareness of the issues of privacy or lack there of that I encounter everyday.

This site is meant to open your eyes and make you want to take control of your digital footprint and internet hygiene. In no way is the information/data gathered and posted on this site retained or used maliciously, sold, or used to DOX, shame or otherwise damage an individual or organization.

GainSec stands for Gain Security. So let’s explore this rabbit hole together!

All views, opinions and posts are our own.

You can find GainSec’s Github and all of GainSec social media below this (if on mobile) or to the right (if on a pc).