Influential People and Organizations of Hacker Culture #8


Their website (Link HERE)

Year founded: 1984

Founded By: David Ruderman (Link HERE) and Eric Corley

So 2600 was resonsible for the amazing movie/documentary called Freedom Downtime about Kevin Mitnick!

They are a very well known organization that publishes a quarterly magazine as well as hosts local meet ups across the world.

Wikipedia Page (Link HERE)

They have a YouTube channel (Link HERE)

Here is an interview with Kevin Mitnick by them (Link HERE)

Although all their meeting are canceled currently because of the Coronavirus (Link HERE)

In the future you’ll be able to find information about their meetings at the same link!

Some people who have been been featured in 2600

  • Kevin Mitnick (Link HERE)
  • Steven Levy (Link HERE)
  • Richard Stallman (Link HERE)
  • Steve Wozniak (Link HERE)
  • William Binney (Link HERE)
  • Daniel Ellsberg (Link HERE)
  • Edward Snowden (Link HERE)

Connect with them!

Twitter (Link HERE)

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