Influential People and Organizations of Hacker Culture #4


Member of L0pht (look for a post about them soon)

Real Name: Peiter Zatko

Title: Hacker and Programmer

Was born December 1st, 1970

Short background on him (Link HERE)

Wikipedia (Link HERE)

2016 Article that mentions him (Link HERE)

When I think of him I think of the time he testified in front of a Congressional Congress in May 1998 and stated that him and the six other members of his hacker group, L0pht, could shut down the entire internet in 30 minutes! What a bold statement and so badass!

I also think about how he went to work for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
Which is such an insane and badass place to work especially as a hacker (I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t want to work there)

More information about DARPA (Link HERE)

Some lectures by mudge:

  • BlackHat USA 2011 Peiter Zatko Keynote – DARPA Cyber Analytical Framework and CFT (Link HERE)
  • 1999 Black Hat Vegas Mudge (Peiter Zatko) Keynote (Link HERE)
  • Video of him testifying (Link HERE)
  • DEF CON 21 – Mudge – Unexpected Stories From a Hacker Inside the Government a MUST see (My favorite lecture by him) (Link HERE)


If you want to see more by him or connect with him:

Twitter (Link HERE)

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