Influential People and Organizations of Hacker Culture #6

David Kennedy

Founder of TrustedSec (Link HERE)

Former NSA Hacker

Is on the news and has been consultant for things such as Mr.Robot.

Quick background (Link HERE)

Creator of The Social Engineering Toolkit, one of the first tools I learned to use since it is so easy to use.

Link to tools (HERE)

Really nice guy, I met him for a second once.

2017 article with him (Link HERE)

Here is a 2018 article mentioning him (Link HERE)

2019 Article (Link HERE)

Some Lectures by Dave (He speaks at a lot of events):

DEF CON 24 SE Village – David Kennedy -The Wizard of Oz – Painting a Reality Through Deception – (Link HERE)

DEF CON 22 – David Kennedy – Destroying Education and Awareness Programs
(Link HERE)

ANYCon Year One Kick Off Dave Kennedy (Link HERE)

Connect with him:
Twitter (Link HERE)

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