Influential People and Organizations of Hacker Culture #2

Chaos Computer Club!

The OG, The Legendary…

Still around today, check ’em out at (Link HERE)

Headed in Berlin, Germany

Founder: Wau Holland
Founded: September 12, 1981, West Berlin

If you want to be familiar with hacker culture and where it all started, then definitely learn more about ’em!

A more Recent Article about them (Link HERE)

Wired History of CCC (Link HERE)

Some more of the notable people that are members (Link HERE)

Hacker Ethics according to CCC (Link HERE)

A Great publication that talks about the CCC (Link HERE)

Documentary about CC, in German (Link HERE)

More Information about their annual Conference, the Chaos Communication Congress (which is going to be the 37th this year aka 37C3) (Link HERE)

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