Government Run People Search Tools

People search engines are all the rage at this moment in history. New ones appear online and go offline just as fast. These are the sites like where you put in a first and last name and you get a list of addresses and other information. What if I told you that there are people search engines to find out where someone lives or who lives at what address completely free and ran by the government? Would you believe me?

OSINT Escapades #12

Had a busy week again so far, so this post isn't anything to crazy! I'll be using up my shodan API credits early next week though, so expect some good stuff coming :] That said, here we go! So some of the most common things I find and for whatever reason I find really interesting … Continue reading OSINT Escapades #12

Technique, Tool and Lecture #2

Better late than never I suppose. Technique: Not so much a technique this week but a quick little wordlist to get more value from the tool listed below. This is a wordlist for /aspnet_client/system_web/ Link Tool:  IIS-Shortname-Scanner A personal favorite of mine because I think there is still more value in this vulnerability that hasn't … Continue reading Technique, Tool and Lecture #2