GoldenNuggets Update!


Howdy Y’all!

GoldenNuggets has been updated!

It is now a one click burp suite extension solution to instantly create a URI Parameter, URI and Single Word Wordlists solution!

I thought i’d lay out the steps to install and use this Burp Suite Extension!

GN-1 and 2
Step 1: Go to the Extender Tab! Step 2: Hit the Add Button
GN-3 and 4
Step 3: Hit Select File and select the GoldenNuggets Python File! Step 4: Hit Next
Step 5: Hit the target Tab, Site map and right click whichever hosts you’d like to create a wordlist with. Then hit Mine Dem Nuggets!
Navigate to your user’s home directory and bam! There are the wordlists!
Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 1.13.51 AM
Here is an example of gn_Uris.txt opened!

Up next is support for Post Data Parameters and ensuring that only unique entries are added to the files!

Check out the update on Github! Link HERE!

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