5 More Internet Hygiene Tips

Alrighty folks! Don’t forget to read the first five internet hygiene (aka operations security [OpSec]) tips that EVERYONE should follow regardless of your risk level or paranoia level – Link HERE

Now I thought I’d talk about 5 more tips for those who are more paranoid or at a higher risk!

  1. MySudo – On Android and iOS and provides secure burner phone number and email. Link HERE
  2. Privacy.com – Masks your credit card number to the stores you buy from and hides where and what you bought from your Bank/credit card company – Link HERE
  3. Protonmail – Secure email provider which gives you a free @protonmail.com email or @customdomain.com if you pay for the premium service – Link HERE
  4. AnonAddy – Easy and quick email forwarding; perfect for bullshit. Want to buy something from an store but don’t want to give them your email? AnonAddy is free and allows you to create custom emails on the fly. ebay@myspam.anonaddy.com and target@myspam.anoanddy.com both forward to myrealemail@gainsec.com – Link HERE
  5. VeraCrypt – The TrueCrypt replacement that fixes a lot of the issues. Great for portable, and static storage encryption. Especially the Hidden Volume feature! – Link HERE

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