Internet Hygiene Faraday Bags #4

As i was listening to the latest episode of The Privacy, Security and OSINT Show Podcast (Link HERE) Mike mentions an article (Link HERE)

It really just pushes why Faraday bags are so important. I’ll be honest, to me having something like Google track me is something that I would’ve thought would be an asset. I could say, of course I didn’t commit this crime because I was wherever Google says I was (a ridiculous concept I know).

Anyway, I thought it’d be a good time to push the Faraday bags that Mike uses, since I just ordered my first one!

The brand is Silent Pocket, the link to their website is HERE. Even though it’s a Shopify shop which you or are can set up in a few hours (Trust me I have already done that) Mike is some whose views I really trust so I’d suggest just picking it up from Silent Pocket.

Lmk if you decide to purchase your own faraday bag! Maybe I’ll post what a faraday bag is on my next post! Until next time!

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