Internet Hygiene

Internet Hygiene or an individual’s Operation Security (OpSec) is how aware and careful you are when you use the internet. Whether it be surfing the web, playing games or using social media you are constantly leaking information. 

In my example today, I took a license plate from an ebay posting 

I blurred out some of the license plate to protect the privacy of the owner

Then I used a search by license plate service to confirm the make/model of the car and to get it’s VIN.

Now I have the VIN and make/model

With that, I used a different search to get the name of the owner

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 3.23.53 PM
Now I have the owners name

From there it’s just using your standard people search tools like to get their address, phone and emails.

Short and Sweet!

Never post your license plate online!


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