Under Utilized Metasploit Modules #1

Time to kick off another series of entries! This one will cover metasploit modules I’ve found to be interesting or useful!

First off I’m going to cover one that I showed off in OSINT Escapades #1 (Link HERE)

It is an ATG Client Module.

This is useful for connecting to Gas Stations around the world. Often you can check if they’re open, the price of gas and how much they have. Rarely though, you can shut off the pumps or even rarer, change the price of the gas!

Here is a link for more information about the module (Link HERE)

Code for when you’re in msfconsule:

use auxiliary/admin/atg/atg_client

Set target XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX


ATG stands for Automated Tank Guages, more info (Link HERE)

How to find exposed ATG assets exposed to the internet! (Link HERE)

Enjoy and don’t break the law!

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