OSINT Escapades #1

Couldn’t wait to start; So here is my first post in my OSINT escapades. All of these findings minus the gas station were found via Google Dorks. I included one good Google Dork in this post, but going forward I will include more in my posts. Hope you enjoy :]


Example Google Dork with some interesting findings highlighted

So those are some database dumps, which is a slow way to grow your wordlists/leaks :p

Here is a backdoor I found on a Church’s store. Yes that means I now have my own online religious shop ;D
Don’t have your own health insurance? Here is a template for an insurance card. You’re welcome
Here is some Gas Station from a random town in NY. Yes, I can shutdown the pumps…No I can’t change the prices…Sorry
Here is this poor guys boarding pass, including Name and Passport number… Wonder if I’ll run into him in Paris
Yes, he flew back to Paris, don’t worry 😀

And the cherry on the top for this post:

Routing and Account Number…Yum

This is why you don’t upload screenshots to random services, even if you have to share the picture…

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Google actually has to offer…

Expect another post soon!

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End Transmission

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