So you want to be a penetration tester, security consultant, ethical hacker, red teamer or any other offensive cyber security professional? (2020) #1

This one is going to be quick, that is because I’m just linking my lecture where I go over where higher education and academia as a whole should move towards as well as provide a general overview of what it means to work professionally within offensive cyber security.

Consider this my kick-off post for further entries where I’ll go over specific topics relating to this subject.

The things I go over are all relevant and come from my experience from getting a GED at 17 years old to being a Security Consultant at 23 years old.

This talk is relevant whether you are thinking about being a “hacker” or are actively participating in bug bounties and everyone else.

I will put the slides up on my github and insert a link here at a later date.

Hold my Red Bull Undergraduate Red Teaming

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