Technique, Tool and Lecture #7


Google Dork for getting results consisting only of IP addresses.
You have to include 2 octets but then can use * for the right.

For example if I’m looking for data on

I can do site:103.10.* or site:103.10.*.*

Remember * aren’t wildcards but they are as close as you’ll get. Also remember that quotes and apostrophes are different within Google.

Then including something like:

‘password’ site:103.10.* filetype:xml

You might find some interesting stuff



Download Here

Just another layer I like to add to my vulnerability assessment or the vulnerability vulnerability scan phase of a test

Tbh, I haven’t had it find anything juicy EVER but I have hope one day it will


batshit stupid things you can put on the internet in as fast as I can go – Dan Tentler

Same guy as last post :]

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