Technique, Tool and Lecture #4

Another round of techniques, tools and lectures 😀


This time it is not as much as of a technique but a trove of resources!

I have found many resources for books/publications relevant to my career. I’ll admit, I’m much more of a fan of physical copies. That said, if you’re okay with PDFs then this is a great resource for them!


There are many social networks. I hate to say it, but I’m starting to get out of date as I don’t care for the privacy that most offer. Nor do I care to socialize or keep track of people I’ve met over the years. That said, VSCO is fairly popular with the youngings. The tool this entry is a tool to download all the posts/saved posts by VSCO users. It’s a ruby script and works great last time I tried it.



Def Con 25 – Gerald Steere, Sean Metcalf – Hacking the Cloud

Until Next Time!

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