How to Find the next BIG Data Leak in under 20 minutes or less! – LeakLooker-X – Updated 2022

So I posted a bit ago this tutorial I put together for my day job which can be found HERE

Unfortunately the steps to install and use the LeakLooker-X tool don’t actually work atm due some minor changes. So I went through and found the issue and forked LeakLooker-X with the proper fixes until the original repo is updated.

I’ll also post the proper instructions below to install and use the tool.

This is the instructions for installing the tool on a fresh Virtualbox Kali installation which can be downloaded HERE

I’m going to skip to step 14 from the original blog post (it’s just importing the kali VM and updating it.)

So here we go:

cd /opt
sudo mkdir OSINT
sudo git clone
cd LeakLooker-X---2022 
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Now here’s one of the first issues, the jsbeautifier package does not install properly which breaks the pip requirements installation.

For now you can just run the following after running the pip requirements install:

sudo apt-get install python3-jsbeautifier
pip3 install celery-progress hurry-filesize jxmlease

Now you need to create an account at BinaryEdge and grab an API key

After creating account and logging in, click the Account Menu and select API access.

Now, type in “LeakLooker” and hit Create Token. Now, save that token! 

sudo nano config.json

And paste the API token into the “BINARY_EDGE_KEY” value.

Now type: CRTL + O and hit ENTER to save

sudo apt-get install celery redis-server -y 
sudo python3 makemigrations
sudo python3 migrate
sudo python3 runserver

Now lets open a new terminal tab with CRTL+SHIFT+T

Let’s start the redis-server in the new tab or window with: 


Navigate to the LeakLooker-X install directory in the new terminal window:

cd /opt/OSINT/LeakLooker-X---2022

Let’s start celery:

sudo celery -A leaklooker worker --loglevel=info 

Now let’s open Firefox and go to http://localhost:8000. Also, note your credits since these are used whenever you perform a search. 

The rest of the tutorial is available HERE

Start at step 32.

If you want me to add those steps to this post LMK!

If you want to manually fix the installation issues with the original LeakLooker-X repo you can do the following:

Navigate to the LeakLooker-X installation directory:

cd /opt/OSINT/LeakLooker-X

Navigate to the leaklooker directory

cd leaklooker

Open the file in nano

sudo nano

Change the first line

from celery import task


from celery import shared_task

CRTL + O and hit ENTER to save

Then install the missing packages

sudo apt-get install python3-jsbeautifier
pip3 install celery-progress hurry-filesize jxmlease

Follow the regular steps and then to run celery use the following command (sudo if need be):

celery -A leaklooker worker --loglevel=info 

And you’re good to go!


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