OSINT tools to view/archive a site without accessing it

Saw Jake Creps make a tweet about a super cool website that lets you generate a PDF of a site and download the PDF.

Normally, this is great or regular business actives, or maybe for you to take a capsule of your site before you shut it down.

However from a cyber security professionals mind, it’s an AWESOME OSINT tool.

The website name is straight forward, PDFMyURL and can be found HERE

Alternatively, there is another tool to do the same thing he mentioned which is called PDFShift and can be found HERE

Both have APIs (SWEET) so I think I’ll put something together to access that in the near future.

It’s always great to have multiple options, especially with how often techniques and tools come and go within the OSINT realm.

That said, make sure you bookmark these and let me know if you create an CLI tool that utilizes one or both of these before I do!


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