Top 62 Shodan Web Application Firewall (WAF) Search Tags

Did you know that Shodan also has its own dorks?

For example:

http.waf:"WTS-WAF (WTS)"

Will only show results that are running a WTS web application firewall.

Here’s a great article showing off the top 40 Shodan Dorks you can use! HERE

Well I recently found a great way to view the top 62 general tags!

I cleaned up the HTML page HERE from shodan that lists ’em

And created this wordlist!

Kona SiteDefender (Akamai)
Cloudflare (Cloudflare Inc.)
Cloudfront (Amazon)
CacheWall (Varnish)
SonicWall (Dell)
AWS Elastic Load Balancer (Amazon)
BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (F5 Networks)
NetScaler AppFirewall (Citrix Systems)
ZScaler (Accenture)
BIG-IP AP Manager (F5 Networks)
Edgecast (Verizon Digital Media)
Imunify360 (CloudLinux)
DataPower (IBM)
Safedog (SafeDog)
NSFocus (NSFocus Global Inc.)
Incapsula (Imperva Inc.)
Barracuda (Barracuda Networks)
ModSecurity (SpiderLabs)
WatchGuard (WatchGuard Technologies)
Huawei Cloud Firewall (Huawei)
AzionCDN (AzionCDN)
Fastly (Fastly CDN)
DOSarrest (DOSarrest Internet Security)
Squarespace (Squarespace)
UEWaf (UCloud)
AireeCDN (Airee)
Expression Engine (EllisLab)
YXLink (YxLink Technologies)
ArvanCloud (ArvanCloud)
Secure Entry (United Security Providers)
Zenedge (Zenedge)
Comodo cWatch (Comodo CyberSecurity)
Azure Front Door (Microsoft)
Bluedon (Bluedon IST)
Sucuri CloudProxy (Sucuri Inc.)
Reblaze (Reblaze)
BlockDoS (BlockDoS)
Airlock (Phion/Ergon)
360WangZhanBao (360 Technologies)
NAXSI (NBS Systems)
ChinaCache Load Balancer (ChinaCache)
NevisProxy (AdNovum)
RayWAF (WebRay Solutions)
Safe3 Web Firewall (Safe3)
Beluga CDN (Beluga)
IndusGuard (Indusface)
Wallarm (Wallarm Inc.)
Anquanbao (Anquanbao)
CacheFly CDN (CacheFly)
Yunjiasu (Baidu Cloud Computing)
TransIP Web Firewall (TransIP)
ACE XML Gateway (Cisco)
XLabs Security WAF (XLabs)
Yundun (Yundun)
Newdefend (NewDefend)
Profense (ArmorLogic)
LimeLight CDN (LimeLight)
NullDDoS Protection (NullDDoS)
West263 CDN (West263CDN)

I also added it to TreeHouse Wordlists so check it out HERE!

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