Change Virtualbox settings without booting and install Guest additions Kali Linux 2022

So I ran into an issue where I couldn’t turn off scale mode in a Kali VM which was annoying so I had to find a workaround!

What I found was the following!

  1. Close all virtual machines and VirtualBox
  2. Find your machine config files (i.e. C:\Users\uberleet\Virtualbox-Machines\Kali)
  3. Open for edit the file Kali.prev and look for<ExtraDataItem name=”GUI/Scale” value=”on”/
  4. Edit the line to change value=”on”/ to value=”off”/
  5. Restart VirtualBox
  6. Success!

Next up, how to install guest additions that actually worked (for this version of Kali at least!)

sudo apt install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso
sudo mount -o loop /usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso /media/cdrom
sudo bash /media/cdrom/
sudo reboot -h

Success! Upon finishing the reboot, the screen should change size as you change the window size!!

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