An Interesting Use of PowerShell for Red Team/Pen Testers

I saw on Twitter someone posting about an interesting use of PowerShell for red teamers.

It’s a tool to keep track and maintain all of your offensive powershell scripts.

I’ll just let it explain itself

The PowerShell Armoury is meant for pentesters, “insert-color-here”-teamers and everyone else who uses a variety of PowerShell tools during their engagements. It allows you to download and store all of your favourite PowerShell scripts in a single, encrypted file.

You do not have to hassle with updating nishang, powersploit, … manually. Just create a configuration file once or use the default one included with the tool. From now on, you just have to run “New-PSArmoury” before you head to the next engagement. In addition, your new and shiny armoury is encrypted and includes a bypass for AMSI, so you dont have to worry about AV.

Original GitHub

Check out the GitHub HERE

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