A sad day for privacy

I’ve always supported the EFF. When they came forward to fight against border agents forcing people to disclose passwords for their social media or encrypted hard drives it was something I wish I could help them with!

Seemingly they won their case(s) thus setting a precedent that the border police cannot treat visitors or citizens in this manner.

According to this article today (HERE) this isn’t the case anymore.

Encryption won’t stop you from being held when you’re arrested but border police won’t keep you forever.

What they will do is keep a forensically sound (bit by bit) copy of your devices/drives in the hopes that in the future they can do decrypt them which btw they are allowed to do at any point.

GG to your rights EVEN AS A CITIZEN when crossing the border 🙂

PSA: Don’t cross the border with anything or any data that it isn’t okay if some border agent or someone else in the government has access to it!

Veracrypt is your friend! Privacy is your right!

Read more about this issue, current and past cases and more at the EFF HERE

Read the EFF’s guide to crossing the border from 2011 HERE

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