Investigative Journalism and OSINT; A match made in heaven (Nashville Christmas Bomber)

I’m sure like most of the world, you are aware of the bombing on Christmas morning in Nashville TN.

I’m also sure, that you’ve read that it was a suicide bombing and that the prime suspect has been found and identified.

I was very surprised when I clicked on this NewsWeek Article (Link HERE) and on how useful OSINT was to this investigation, at least to the media.

First, Google Maps identified the vehicle in Warner’s driveway with the picture being from 2019

Neighbors told the outlet that an RV resembling the vehicle involved in the explosion was seen outside the location over the past two weeks. A Google street view search showed a similar vehicle in the driveway; however, it was not present at the location on Saturday when authorities arrived. The street view picture was taken in May 2019, according to Google.

News Week
The Google Maps Image of 115 Bakertown Road, Nashville as of 12/30/20 with the RV in question highlighted

Then a LexusNexus Report (which is a organization that you should be familiar with if you’re well informed within the knowledge base of OSINT)

A LexisNexis report, obtained by Newsweek, shows Warner’s addresses as 3724 Bakertown Road and 115 Bakertown Road, Nashville, the same location authorities began searching on Saturday. Warner was born in January 1957 and is 63 years old, according to the report.

News Week

Another OSINT site,, a free online directory of business contacts, has Warner linked to Custom Alarms Electronics, a business located at 3724 Bakertown Road.

News Week

It doesn’t stop there, then was used

According to, Custom Alarms Electronics was founded in 2000 and engages in the “electrical installation” industry. One employee is listed on the website, and annual sales for the business is estimated to be around $70,000 USD.

News Week

Lastly, the reporter used county public records (Davidson County Records Link HERE)

A search for Anthony Warner in historic Davidson County criminal records show that a male born on January 17, 1957, was arrested on January 29, 1978, and charged with a felony offense linked to possession of a controlled substance. The birthdate matches the LexisNexis report; Newsweek could not confirm the man in the records as the suspect.

News Week

Wow, quite an OSINT researcher. Love it.


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