The importance of Operations Security (OpSec) #4

Did you read about one of the data breach being sold/traded around on forums like raidforums?

It’s a list of 270,000 ish physical addresses of people who bought a Ledger hardware cryptocurrency wallet.

What’s especially interesting is that

1. This threatens physical security

2. This opens ’em up to a world of spam and scams

3. There would be really no way of tracking who bought what (unless you’re an ISP or the NSA) if the organization you bought from didn’t keep a clear-text list of this information

These type of leaks (or breaches) are super common, I find them ALL THE TIME via Search Engine Dorks.

FYI, the mailing list was also shared which is a great trove of emails that can also be used for spam/scams.

Regardless, you could protect yourself with a P.O. Box and something like

Consider it!

Link to the article is HERE

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