Interesting Video To Watch on Physical Security

Just because Information Security or Cyber Security is often attributed to digital/electronic security doesn’t mean physical security isn’t apart of the equation or that it isn’t important!

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One of my favorite past-times and one thing I’ve always wished to utilize during a physical penetration test is lock picking!

It’s actually insane how simple locks are and have been for over a hundred years. Yes you read that correctly, the pin technology of a lock has mostly been the same this entire time!

Above is a video of me picking the dead bolt at one of my old apartments in just a few seconds. No joke!

So when I saw a YouTube channel I subscribe too posted something related to locks I couldn’t help but watch and now share!

Hopefully he follows through and sends it to the Lock Picking lawyer, as I’d love to see someone bypass his “unpickable” lock! (Since all of us in this field know that it is certainly possible)

Although most of his content is unrelated to Cyber Security you should still follow his channel HERE

Hackaday article on this video HERE

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