Cyber Security Resources You Need To Read #1

Whitepapers, Research papers, publications, articles, penetration testing reports and more.

All of these contain little golden nuggets or more when it comes to this industry overall and especially when it comes to offensive cyber security.

I thought I’d kick off a new series where I’ll post and link some of the best text media I’ve found when it comes to cyber security.

It isn’t going to be the NIST Framework but often shorter, more unique or unknown media that still is valuable.

I’m kicking it off with a short publication about Living off the land fileless attack techniques.

This aren’t new techniques even though the media made them out to be when it blew up a few years ago.

Regardless, this publication is especially interesting because it talks about some of the basics and gives you the literal tool names/commands.

They also attribute some native commands and tools to APTs and show which APT tends to use which technique as well as some cyber criminal entities.

It’s a quick read but full of interesting and useful information.



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