Top 10 Podcasts For Hacking, Privacy, Cyber Security, Penetration Testing and Information Security


Walk around a lot or drive a lot? Don’t let that stop you from continuing your learning. Here is my list of my personal favorite podcasts that have some relevance to my role as a security consultant/penetration tester or peaks my fancy as a privacy and cyber security enthusiast.

A lot of Privacy A little Security A little OSINT Overall my favorite podcast to date!

Not super technical but interesting topics

Interviews with the gray/black hats and skids

Personally I find Cyber Security Law extremely interesting and this is by far the best resource I’ve found for it

Pretty cookie cutter but interesting resource

Covers all kinds of topics, so you’ll have to filter through ones relevant to privacy, cyber security and hacking

Another cookie cutter but another good resource

Can be drawn out but still useful tidbits in between Did I miss one that you enjoy? Let me know down below.

Great Interviews with people in the industry. Highly Recommend!

Very new but a unique podcast. We’ll see where it ends up.


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