Upgrade RAM MSI GS65 Stealth Thin (0050-US)

So I recently added an extra SSD to my personal laptop as well as RAM.

I forgot to take some pictures of how to install the SSD (although it is literally the same process up until you insert the new SSD instead of taking out the old RAM)

Regardless, I thought I’d post some pictures and lay out the steps to upgrade the RAM!

Step One: Unplug the power adapter, flip laptop upside down and remove all the screws as highlighted in the image below


Step Two: Pull the bottom case off the laptop (It is stuck to the base so expect to pull it pretty hard) Then remove the plastic film that covers the motherboard


Step Three:  Remove the battery connection FIRST and remove the battery. Then remove all six of the ribbon cables scattered across the board. Remove the Wifi Card and then unscrew all the screws on the motherboard.


Step Four: Remove the motherboard from the case, it should like below


Step Five: Flip the motherboard over to see the RAM (and SSD). Then remove the RAM (or SSD)


Step Six: Insert the new RAM into the proper slots


Step Seven: Flip the motherboard back, insert it into the case. Screw it in, insert all the ribbon cables. Insert the battery and plug the battery back into the motherboard. Put the plastic film back on the motherboard. Put the bottom case cover back on top and screw all the screws in. TL;DR — Just start with step 5 in reverse.


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