Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks Conspiracy

A few days ago, Julian Assange was charged with conspiring with LulzSec & Anonymous (among others).

The superseding indictment that they are citing in thehackernews article is especially interesting.

It touches on the Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond, etc connection to WikiLeaks which I think most know.

It also goes over his connections to AntiSec and Gnosis. It also covers a conspiracy which in criminal law is very serious.

One of the most unique parts was they fact that they cited Julian Assange’s lectures.

According to the document, Julian Assange in 2009 at a Malaysian hacker conference said:

“I was a famous teenager hacker in Australia and I’ve been reading generals’ emails since I was 17.” Then noted the CTF at the conference and that WikiLeaks had it’s own “flags” which were namely, the list of “Most Wanted Leaks” posted on Wikileaks. There are a few instances of this cited.

Seems like a good argument to me about Count 1.

I think it was one of WikiLeaks Co-conspirators (employees) who might’ve coined a term mention in the indictment, “think globally, hack locally”

I am actually quite fond of that.

Maybe a shirt coming soon?

We’ll see what happens with the shirt and Julian Assange.

If you’re interested in reading the indictment (Link HERE)

Department of Justice Press Release (Link HERE)



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