Android/iOS Privacy Apps and Frameworks #1

Here is a kickoff post for some non- penetration testing series! Remember I love things about privacy as well! So to get this series going I thought I’d start with some of the coolest and most useful frameworks I’ve encountered in the Android ecosystem!

Xposed/Xprivacy LUA are uber interesting when it comes to Android mods/frameworks/overlays.

Xposed is a framework that is installed and allows functionality that is pre ROM boot.

Some examples of a module you can install with the Xposed Framework;

– Everytime you connect to a new a WiFi it automatically spoofs your MAC (hw address)
– If you put your phone facedown on a desk it automatically shuts down
– Spoof your devices IMEI and Serial Number when apps request that information.

And more!

Here is a way to search Xposed modules Link HERE

What is Xposed Framework more specifically Link HERE

What is xPrivacy Link HERE

xda-dev Xposed forum threads Link HERE

I will post about Xprivacy LUA (The replacement of the original Xprivacy) as well as Magisk next post!



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