Under Utilized Tools/Resources #1

Many resources, especially web apps/sites used for OSINT come and go as I’ve mentioned before. However there is one resource I discovered a few years ago and still exists. It is a unique resource but still useful. It’s useful for OSINT or just to monitor trends in blackhat circles, but rarely will you find something mind blowing. This resource is Link-Base.

Link-Base is self described as “The World’s Biggest Linklist of Hacking security boards.”

Aka it’s a giant list of Hacker Forums and Blogs curated and monitored for when they appear, are shut down, etc.

I highly suggest utilizing this site when you’re looking for data breaches.

If you’re just starting out, they are an ok but not great resource for whitehat stuff so trend carefully.

Also, it is recommended you use a VPS or at least a VPN when you access them.

Click HERE to visit the site.

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