OSINT Escapades #13

Whew, it’s been awhile, I know…Forgive me.

This entry is going to be a little longer, and different then the other posts. I definitely will continue going down this rabbit hole though, since I find it so interesting.

Anyway, it started off with a sleepless night and watching Mark Zuckerberg testify to Congress on YouTube about Libra. One thing led to another and I ended up at the Adult Swim Youtube Channel. They have these Development meeting I guess where you can call in and pitch your show. But I noticed that they had this interesting site open all the time when there wasn’t a pitch going on.

I tried to go to that exact URL but it popped a Basic Auth box. The fact it is HTTP and not HTTPS is what intrigued me originally.

Anyway, I decided to do some google dorks against the site since there wasn’t much to see on the actual site. And it led to me this:

I didn’t go past a few directory listings that I googling but not a good sign.

I’d bet there is more to find there and I know the standards aren’t crazy high at Adult Swim, but I would sure love to help ’em out with their cyber security, especially opsec.

Anyway, I decided then to look up some pastebin like sites and see what I could find on them in a few minutes. So I found this webpage:



I had heard of most of these but a few I haven’t, so I decided to use some google dorks on them to see what I could find.

Lots more then just passwords in this dump
Always love finding random dumps like this
Short but sweet
But wait, there’s more! And this is a bonus, since this wasn’t listed on the site I posted
Not a dump, and definitely some spam but still interesting nonetheless. If you’re like me you probably think that google drive link is to malware right?
This was quite an extensive DOX too
So in about 25 minutes of googling how many user:password combos did I manage to scrape together?

A mere 38,270…Not bad at all.


That’s the dork I used mostly, yes it is that easy 🙂

Lastly, make sure you don’t enter your password into sites like this:


Until next time…


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