OSINT Escapades #5

Howdy and bienvenue to another entry of OSINT Escapades! I’ll be honest, today’s findings I’ve plucked from my troves of treasures are not as exciting as the last entry but still interesting nonetheless!

Up first, we have another elastic search database, this one containing some order information and looks to be based in china.

What interests me the most about it is the idcardNumber value. Anyone have any idea of what that is? I was thinking some type of citizen identification number but I could be completely wrong.

Next up we have another elastic search database (I promise this is the last one for a little) This one contains all kinds of information about wireless access points

SSID, MAC Address, Public IP… Maybe for one of those apps that lets you find open WiFis in your area?

Last up is large list of webcams. It’s like OSINT chatroulette!

Didn’t blur these out so feel free to tell me if any of them work or not!

How big is this list you ask?

A mere 24,988 entries

Thanks for reading even though this entry was definitely less interesting then the last!

Until Next Time!

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