OSINT Escapades #3

Hello! Here with some more interesting findings from across the internet…

Two of these have quite a few pictures attached with them, so just bare that in mind 😛

Let us jump right into it!

First up is a spreadsheet filled with some type of paid accounts.

Yes those passwords are in clear text and yes that is a government email registered to one of them
Just in case you were wondering, they did include their addresses and personal telephone numbers..but wait there’s more!
Can’t forget the last four digits of the card number, their expiration information and of course their security code aka CVV 😀

Next we have a much more recent spreadsheet. This one of some contact information for some interesting people ;]

Just some government officials, complete information. In case you want to email their personal accounts, call them up on their personal cell phones or stop by for a dinner party. Needless to say, I was quite proud and frightened to find this.

Last up, we have one of my personal favorite findings I’ve ever come across. A database with so much information I didn’t believe it, until I started to look at the entries.

Quite a bit of information about each entry. How many entries are in the database you ask?
By utilizing tail (because after converting this to spreadsheet it took forever to load) We can see that there are 333,219 entries :]
And in case you didn’t believe me, here is one heavily redacted entry from the database.

Well that’s all I’ll be sharing today folks.

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